The Water Of The Developed World Water

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Water in the Favelas For most of the developed world water is a resource that is quickly lost in the back of the minds of individuals. Water in this realm of living isn’t a concern, the struggle to find drinking water, the struggle to have water for clothes washing, and the struggle to have clean water for cooking are all virtually non-existent. What happens when we step out of this realm of living? How do people that live in a world that in many ways is industrialized and in many ways still third world function when it comes to the resources that are utilized on a daily basis? When people are given access to a resource do they use it responsibly or do they use it out of blind consumption.
For our purposes we will be focusing on the resource of water. The research will take us to the country of Brazil; a nation on the fringe of reaching the upper echelon in international relations and image. While the country has made great strides economically and diplomatically, there is much work left to be done within the country itself. For this proposal I look to travel to one of the most urban and impoverished places on Earth, this place is the infamous Favelas of Dona Marta and Jacarezinho of Rio de Janeiro.
The research hopes to answer the very pertinent question of how individual family water practices are wasteful or conservative, and how it impacts the favelas. We have to ponder on the common questions of how, why, and when? It’s safe to say that the why of how water is wasted…
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