The Water Quality Of Freshwater Systems

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The goal of this lab is to test the water quality of freshwater systems around the Roxana area to determine if the local petroleum plant is causing a decrease in water purity.

Literature review

To believe that human development has not increased our impact on the world we live in is a blind mans assumption. In fact, scientists are able to detect even the incredibly small actions we have on the world around us (National Geographic Freshwater 101: Pollution). New technology allows us to see that our pollution is causing a great deal of damage, especially in aquatic ecosystems. Freshwater ecosystems are often the receiving end of our pollution because they are abundant and water will quickly wash our byproducts away. However, to say these byproducts do not affect other locations is false. Often times, runoff of human sewage and waste will find its way to freshwater ecosystems and harm the wildlife that resides there. Even humans can feel the affects of our own waste. Pollution is just as likely to work its way into our drinking water as it is a nearby pond. And in some parts of the world, there are no regulations to make sure that people are not consuming this tainted water (National Geographic Freshwater 101: Pollution). There are many ways pollutants can harm an ecosystem, but how they actually harm it is an unknown to many people.

In a freshwater ecosystem, the pH level of the water can greatly affect living organisms within the ecosystem. There…
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