The Water Scarcity Issue in Developing Countries

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An immerging issue is the one that has appeared in the past few years. Water shortage is not something most people in developed countries think about. People in developed countries use thousands of gallons of water every day and do not even stop to think about it. This is because it is cheap and readily available. This is a completely different story in developing countries where the people there have to walk miles on end to get a pale of water. The people in these unfortunate countries use very little water every day because to them water is sacred. The truth is not having enough clean freshwater is one of those issues that has now become a real problem not just in developing countries but super powers, such as the United States of …show more content…
Since the beginning of time fresh water has been a necessity for life, but only in recent years has the resource started to trickle away. This has been caused by the population explosion of the past few decades and the industrialization of the world. It is very simple to understand that there is only a certain amount of fresh water on the planet and when the demand for it exceeds the supply, you are going to run out of the fresh water. With the population more than doubling in the past decade just means more thirsty people and the need for more food. With the world being industrialized, more and more factories and companies need water for cooling and powering their machines. This is causing unprecedented water consumption and the Earth cannot keep up.

Cause and Effect: The causes of water shortages are overpopulation, climate change, and inefficient water use. Since the end of World War the population has shot up being with the baby boomers. Since there is so many people there needs to be more food and most food comes from farms. Food that is grown on farms is watered with irrigation and seventy percent of the world’s freshwater goes to the irrigation of crops. Another reason population is causing water shortages is that now; more people than ever are pulling water for domestic use and the fresh water sources cannot keep up especially in places where water

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