Essay on The Water Shortage in Australia

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The Water Shortage in Australia First of all it is necessary to define what the term “water shortage” means. For some people, it means having to constantly traverse long distances just to reach a source of fresh water and to collect it. For others, water shortage means to content themselves with water only for a part of day. And finally, there are some regions in which people suffer from droughts that lead to a great amount of deaths. Therefore, in modern world problem with deficiency in fresh water has become burning question, which needed immediate solution. According to Peter Rogers, it is not right to consider that providing drinking water is problem that affects only developing nations with dense population. It is easy to see…show more content…
In support of this data she says that our society “is moving rapidly into urban areas, and, as a result, we’re experiencing more and more water shortage problems”. (Clarke, 2013) As already mentioned, another problem, which has considerable influence on this situation, is climate change. It is generally known, that climate is closely related with local rainfall and water availability. Peter Rogers claims that surveys, which investigate the effects of climate change on water availability by 2025 display that it will bring scarcity to loads of places. It is expected that climate change will exacerbate aridity and reduce supply in many regions, which lead to droughts. (Rogers, 2008) It came to the “Mighty Murray", one of the Australia’s major river, is on the verge of collapse: in some places, children can jump over it. (Water Use, 2011) One more reason for existing situation is irrational waste of water. If we want to find an adequate solution to this problem, we must try to define how much freshwater each person requires and what factors impede supply and increase demand. Malin Falkenmark estimates that each person in the world needs approximately 1,000 cubic meters of freshwater per year. This number includes water for drinking, growing food, hygiene and sanitation (Rogers, 2008). One of the possible solutions

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