The Waterfall Methodology By Winston Royce

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The Waterfall methodology was created by Winston Royce in 1970 and is based on the idea of "...progressing linearly from conception, through requirements, design, code and test..." (Neill, 2004). One of the main assumptions about this method is that the requirements will change very little if at all and that users will not be involved in development or be providing much feedback (Neill, 2004). A really good definition given by Laplante and Neil on this methodology is, "This model of development assumes that requirements are set, stable, and fully evolved before analysis begins, because development progresses linearly through the phases from requirements through system deployment. A phase is revisited only if artifacts created in that phase fail inspection review, or test. If you run into people who dispute this argument, remind them that water doesn 't flow up a waterfall" (10). The Agile Scrum methodology is quite different as it 's, "...characterized by continuous feedback and change, and a software system developed using ADM evolves continuously through short iterations" (Renuka Sindhgtta, 2010). Sindhgatta, Nanjangud and Sengupta use the words iterative and incremental which truly sums up this method. To summarize their full definition of an Agile Scrum method, it consists of small defined sprints that are generally predefined as far as how long they take and what they are meant to accomplish. After a sprint is complete it is tested and presented to a larger
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