The Watergate Of American Politics

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In 1972, the biggest scandal in American politics occurred at the Watergate complex. For years, the struggle to reveal secret of who masterminded this operation occupied the courts in Washington D.C. The Committee for the Re-election of the President (CRP) fought to keep President Richard Nixon 's name clear throughout the confessions of the Watergate burglars and of men inside the White House. From 1972 until 2017, many other national scandals have been publicized to the nation, but current political controversies such as President Trump 's Russia scandal and Hillary Clinton 's email mishap rival Watergate. The Watergate Scandal changed the security measures taken during presidential campaigns and began an era of political scandals.…show more content…
Operatives working for the Committee to Re-elect the President (CRP) burglarize the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Washington, DC Watergate office complex. About a month later, the burglars returned to the complex and were arrested on June 17. On August 20, 1972: Nixon announces that John Dean, a White House counsel, has investigated the situation and found no one in the White House was involved. On March 17, 1973, John Dean told President Nixon, “We have a cancer – within – close to the Presidency, that’s growing.” He tells the president that the burglars are demanding money and that maybe one million dollars would be needed in the end. “We could get that…,” the president replies. Between March 19 and March 23, James W. McCord, Jr., the first of the president 's men to take the fall for the scandal, wrote a letter to the judge claiming pressure had been applied to the defendants to ensure silence, among other confessions (APPENDIX #1). Chief Judge John Sirica made the letter public and threatened harsh punishment, anywhere from twenty to forty years in prison, to force the defendants’ cooperation. Then on June 3, 1973, John Dean told investigators that he discussed the cover-up of the scandal with Nixon at least 35 times. Later that month, on June 25, Dean testifies before the Senate Watergate committee claiming Nixon was involved in the cover-up soon after the break-in and that the White House had

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