The Watergate Of The White House

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Richard Nixon’s six year stint in the White House is and was reviewed as a pivotal and influential time period in various aspects of American infrastructure. Nixon had come into office after the consistent twenty year dominance of presidential politics by a left-winged Democratic coalition. America coming out of conflicts across the globe was universally known as a global police force which was notorious for large-scale pre 21st century military conflict. When Nixon resigned, (The first United States president to do so) a conservative Republican regime was born that would in turn dominate the next twenty years of presidential politics. The post-Nixon Republican Party was known for delivering aid to our allies across the globe, and staying out foreign affairs that would have subsequently required direct military action. Nixon having served as the Vice-President to Dwight D. Eisenhower, ran for office in 1968 on a platform that had promised to restore law and order to the American cities that due to the civil rights movements of the 1960’s had been ravaged by riots, crime, and chaos. Nixon wanted his term to be beneficently historic and without the Watergate Scandal it most likely would have been.
The six years while Nixon was in the White House are best remembered as complicated near contradictory and sporadic borderline epochal. Some classified Nixon as a liberal, other as a conservative, and others as a moderate. However each brand/label deserved some sort of justification…

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