The Watergate Scandal: An Ethical Breach

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Watergate Scandal and Ethics Watergate Scandal has been considered as one of the darkest chapters in American history. The event not only refers to unethical use of power by the public representatives but also levied great deal of attention on the mechanism of surveillance over the activities of public servants. Watergate scandal provides ethical directions not only to public servants but also provides ethical guidelines to the lawyers and media representatives as well. This incident reveals how ethical lines were crossed time and again by the politicians, legal attorneys and media for their own purposes. Ignoring the righteousness of the outcomes, events like these cause severe damage to the public's trust vested in these authorities which takes a long time to restore. Watergate scandal clearly defines new law graduates and junior lawyers what not to do. The subject is of such fundamental importance that John Dean, who was the White House Counsel in 1973 and was disbarred after pleading guilty of forfeiting confidentiality, has been involved in delivering lectures on Ethical values for lawyers and the course is made mandatory by the Illinois Supreme Court for the lawyers practicing in the same state. Ad per Dean, if these ethical obligations would have been known to the lawyers back then and if we would have complied with it, such event would not have occurred in the first place. The Watergate Scandal drew a great deal of attention towards the regulations applicable to
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