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The Watergate Scandal was political problem that occurred in the United States during the 1970s. On June 17, 1972 a break in occurred at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate Office Complex in Washington, D.C. Nixon's administration attempted cover up of its involvement. In the morning of June 17 1972, a couple of burglars were caught and arrested inside the of the Democratic National Committee, located at the Watergate building in Washington D.C. this was no ordinary robbery. The robbers were connected to the United States president Richard Nixon re election campaign, and they were caught trying to wiretap the phones. The robbers who tried to wiretap the phones were not successful. more robbers broke into the…show more content…
Richard Nixon was vice president for about eight years and then eventually ran for president in the election of 1960 and lost the election to John F. Kennedy. Richard Nixon finally recovered from his political defeat against John F. Kennedy. Richard Nixon was chosen again as the Republican party's candidate during the 1968 election. After a year of turmoil, and two political assassinations. Richard Nixon became the united states thirty seventh president on january 20,1969. later on that year President Richard Nixon delivered a speech called the Silent Majority. speech on the vietnam war. the speech articulated that his belief that the bulk of the american people supported his policies and his programs. Richard Nixon was vindicated by landsliding a re election. Nixon was sworn in for another term in january 1973. On June 17 1972 five men were arrested at the watergate complex by a security guard who noticed a door was taped. the five men that were arrested were james w. mccord jr, frank sturgis, bernard barker, virgilio gonzalez, eugenio martinez. mccord was a former cia agent the other were veterans of anti-castro operations and had been recruited ex cia agent and team member E. Howard hunt. hunt,who was watching the break in from nearby was also soon arrested, along with g.gordon liddy. keys to their hotel room in the burglars possessions quickly led to the evidence that tied them to hunt and liddy and beyond. hundred dollar

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