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Watergate, the popular name for the political scandal and constitutional crisis which
broke out in 1972 during the presidential reign of Richard Nixon, remains a mysterious
happening even today. Some details, people, events, degrees of involvement, and reasons are
still unresolved. But what began as a third-rate burglary on June 17, 1972 escalated into a full-
blown scandal that had a resounding effect on how many Americans viewed the government of
their country.
Richard Nixon’s presidency and Watergate triggered a first-rate national scandal whose
consequences still colour the nation’s politics. It alerted many Americans to the possible
existence of corruption within their ideal, democratic government.

The many faces
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Upon these happenings, cracks began to appear in President Nixon’s “sealing” and
cover-ups of Watergate. The mysterious “Deep Throat”, jokingly named after a popular
pornographic movie title of the time, became an important press informant that leaked many
details to the press during the height of the Watergate scandal, especially to Washington Post’s
reporter Bob Woodward. The identity of Deep Throat still remains a mystery, although
Woodward said of him:
“...He was risking a great deal professionally. You may assume that
in the course of this he was not truthful with colleagues and family
members, and he denied that he had provided information.”
At this time, there was also the production of Nixon’s infamous “Enemies’ List”, which
listed many colleagues that Nixon believed to be his political enemies. There was also a top
secret report, published by Daniel Ellsburg, about another truth that Nixon was trying to cover-
up–The United States’ true involvement in Southeast Asia (Vietnam War). This precipitated
another break-in by the “plumbers”, this time to Ellsburg’s psychiatrist’s office, trying to
discredit him.
On July 16, 1973, former White House aide Alexander Butterfield testified that Nixon
had been “bugging” his own offices, recording his top-secret conversations about Watergate with
his officials. President Nixon refuses to release these tapes, citing jeapordization of national
security. The release of these tapes would later…

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