The Watergate Scandal Essay

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From the beginning of time, people have always had distrust in the government due to government scandals and corruption that they attempted to keep from the public. Many of those incidents didn’t stay secretly for long due to the change to modern day media. In this paper we have compiled together a few of those scandals to compose a writing discussing different cases of corruption and scandals within the government.
The Watergate Scandal was an event that changed the face of the nation. It was the first time in the History of the United States that a president had been forced to resign from office due to a scandal. It was the story of the decade, and changed the forefront of American politics. Richard Nixon allegedly hired several people to sneak in on the National Democratic Convention that was at the Watergate complex in Washington D.C., so they could listen in on the strategies and points that would be a core focus to the election. The burglars were caught wiretapping phones and attempting to steal important documents to help improve Nixon’s chances during reelection. Although he wasn’t impeached, he was facing likely impeachment, which led him to resign.
The Nixon administration denied everything that occurred that evening and tried to cover it up as much as they could. The fact that it was in Washington D.C., close to the White House and other government headquarters, gave the investigators an easy access to uncovering evidence, which ultimately lead to the…

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