The Watergate Scandal Of America

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The Watergate scandal was an event with many strong incidents in pre-scandal, present scandal, and post-scandal. How could this scandal affect American politics? One event that is currently happening right now because it’s a result of the scandal and is affecting American politics is the loss of trust in the government by the public. With conspiracy theories directed towards criminals and Nixon running out of office, trust in the system was at an all-time low. Another effect of Watergate is when the media increased its scrutiny of politics and politicians. Ever since the Watergate scandal, the publishers of media have inflated and over exaggerated the news about Americas federal system to try to be noticed or start a world controversy. The last major affect that persuaded American politics was the resignation of President Nixon. The people of America were very confused and surprised about the first American president to withdraw his position, leading to outcomes like suspicions about the system and doubting the future of America in a place where main figures quit. In conclusion, after the Watergate Scandal, American politics were forever changed because the public lost trust in the government, the media increased its scrutiny of politics and politicians, and Richard Nixon became the first American president to resign.
Watergate was a scandal that took place in the May of 1972 but still affects American politics until today. President Nixon was running to be reelected at the…

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