The Watergate Scandal Of America

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The Watergate scandal was an event with many strong incidents in pre-scandal, present scandal, and post-scandal. How could this scandal affect American politics? One event that is currently happening right now because it’s a result of the scandal and is affecting American politics is the loss of trust in the government by the public. With conspiracy theories directed towards criminals and Nixon running out of office, trust in the system was at an all-time low. Another effect of Watergate is when the media increased its scrutiny of politics and politicians. Ever since the Watergate scandal, the publishers of media have inflated and over exaggerated the news about Americas federal system to try to be noticed or start a world controversy. The…show more content…
During this period, a presidential election was seemed essential because the Vietnam War was taking place which led the US to a harsh political divide. The harsh methods used in this campaign were actually known as “illegal espionage”. This lead to Nixon’s group who reelected the president to steel “copies of top-secret documents and bugged the office’s phones” (Watergate: The Break-In). This break in was known as a third-rate burglary attempt. Their attempt failed and the committee came back to the building a few days later to barge right back in, but this time getting caught before things got out of hand. This scandal was attempted to be covered up but did not work. President Richard Nixon thought to himself, if the media found out about this, they would blow the situation way out of proportion and take it further then needed (which they did when they found out). Nixon also thought that if any American citizen found out about this scandal, they would lose trust in politics and never be able to rely on the governmental system. So the people that attempted to break into the system were offered money to keep quiet and not tell any true stories to the media. Nixon gave speeches and presentations on how the staff were not the crime committers and that the people who did it were unknown. His voters and coworkers grew suspicious so they did a mini, untracked investigation. They found tape recordings of every conversation made in the Oval office; if people got ahold of those
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