The Watergate Scandal Of America

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Throughout the years there have been many political scandals in the U.S. These include affairs, not paying taxes, utilizing state resources for personal gain, invading privacy and many others. These scandals cause people to lose trust in their representatives and their country in general. For instance a major scandal in America that greatly weakened the public trust was the Watergate Scandal.
Richard Nixon, the 37th president, had been discovered to have a hand in the burglary at the Watergate Complex in which the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters was set up. After the break-in the Republican president Nixon denied any involvement in this robbery and initially refused to provide the tapes recorded in the President’s office that turned out to hold information condemning him. As the american citizens up until this point had no reason to doubt what their “honorable” president said they all proceeded to vote for Nixon during the election. Throughout 1973 Nixon struggled to maintain the secrecy of his coverup of the Watergate break-in however, it was in this process that he really nailed his coffin as he fired the special prosecutor investing his case because he was asking Nixon to turn over the tapes recorded in the oval office. In response to this several Justice officials resigned and a new special prosecutor was hired. The new prosecutor appointed a new jury which indicted seven of Nixon’s former aids and declared Nixon to be uncharged conspirator in the…

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