The Watergate Scandal Of Lyndon M. Nixon

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On November 5, 1968 Richard M. Nixon was elected the 37th president of the United States. While in office Nixon dealt with an unstable economy and oversaw reforms in welfare, civil rights and more. In foreign affairs Nixon helped end the Vietnam War, reestablish contact with china and improve relations with the Soviet Union. In 1972 Nixon was reelected in a landslide victory. However, His undoing was already in the works. A few months prior to Nixon’s reelection a group of men linked to the Nixon administration were arrested in the Democratic party headquarters in Washington’s Watergate complex and what followed was one of the biggest scandals in presidential history. The Watergate scandal was revealed as a cover-up by the Nixon…show more content…
21, 2015 1 The Watergate Scandal I. Introduction In 1968 Richard M. Nixon a 55 year old former vice president who lost the presidency for the Republicans in 1960 reclaimed himself by defeating Hubert Humphrey in one of the closest elections in United States history. On July 23, 1970 Nixon approves for a plan for greatly expanding domestic intelligence gathering by the FBI, CIA, and other agencies. He later has second thoughts though. A few days later he resends his approval. On September 9th 1971 the Whitehouse plumber unit named for the orders to plug leeks in the administration steals files on Daniel Ellsberg, the former defense analyst who leaked the pentagon papers from a local physiology office. On the evening of August 8th 1974 President Richard Nixon gave his last speech ever as the face of the United States. His resignation changed the ideas of political trust in the country. The Watergate scandal destroyed the reputations and revised the rule of law and politics. II. The Infamous Watergate Scandal In 1972 Washington police arrest five burglars with political at the highest levels. The president is under fire. Washington DC, May 28th 1972, a presidential election is less than six months away. Five burglars meet in front of the Watergate complex with a simple plan; break into the Democratic National Committee headquarters on the sixth floor.1 This is a crew compromised of Cuban Americans, ex CIA agents
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