The Watergate Scandal Of President Nixon

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Alan Pilgreen
In order to accurately depict the Watergate scandal we will need to look into the history if the elements that made this event possible. In November of 1968 President Nixon was elected as president, he server from January 1969 to August 1974. President Nixon was a former Vice President to President Eisenhower from January 1953 to January 1961. In June of 1971 the New York Time began publishing documents that would be known as the Pentagon Papers. The Pentagon Papers documented the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. This published the questionable tactics and methods used by the U.S. along with many U.S. secrets to the general public. This was a great blow to the U.S. strategically and was considered to be detrimental
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In January 1972, G. Gordon Liddy, proposed a plan against the Democratic Party that involved wiretapping phones and photographing documents in the Democratic National Committee 's headquarters at the Watergate Complex in Washington, D.C.
The first break in to the Democratic National Committee 's headquarters occurred on May 28, 1972. They installed two wiretaps, one in the phone of Robert Spencer Oliver who was the executive director of the Association of State Democratic Chairmen, and the other in Democratic National Committee’s secretary Larry O 'Brien. The instillation of the devices were a success however they soon needed to be repaired.
The second break in occurred on June 17, 1972 to repair the wiretaps. The Plumbers were discovered by security guard Frank Wills, after he noticed that some of the door latches were taped closed in a fashion that the doors would appear closed but would not be secured. He thought nothing of this and removed the tape, however he became suspicious after returning and finding the tape replaced. He alerted the police and five of the Plumbers were caught in the Democratic National Committee 's headquarters.
Months after being discovered it was revealed that one of the burglars was a Republican Party security aid. A cashier’s check earmarked for the President’s re-election campaign
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