The Watergate Scandal Essay

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While the effects of Watergate had far-reaching consequences for journalism, not everything to come out of the scandal came to be positive. As a result of the Watergate scandal many journalists try to find a Watergate like story even where there is none, Monicagate is a perfect example. In addition, many critics of the media argue since Watergate many people have become disenfranchised with Media's constant negativity. Another result of Watergate is the use of the media as a tool for political sabotage. Finally, the media of today bombards the average person with so much news everyday it becomes hard for one to decipher what is actual news and what is just a heap of garbage. It is important to note Watergate was no doubt an important…show more content…
Namely, the time and energy necessary to uncover the minutiae that Woodward and Bernstein found would not be available to reporters of today. The seemingly endless amount of stories the media covers today restrict the amount of time a news outlet has to devote to one story. Woodward and Bernstein spent a better part of eighteen months investigating Watergate. I imagine you would be hard-pressed to find an editor willing to let a journalist devote that much time to one story today. The money needed to fuel such an investigation would be just as hard to come up with as well. Many newspapers are bleeding from profit losses and such a lengthy investigation would no doubt cost an extreme amount of money. While other forms of media, namely television, have the vast resources to fund such an investigation, they hardly lend themselves to such a lengthy and exhausting inquiry. Sadly, stories like Watergate lack the necessary "flash" factor to be deemed worthy of televisions attention. Unless the story involves a celebrity or blood many news channels ignore actual news. The endless reports of Brittany Spears or "Bennifer" drown the real news of the day. For instance, the recent battles over the misdeeds of Tom Delay only get the slightest attention but we will no doubt hear every detail of Spears' pregnancy. Perhaps the best arena for uncovering a Watergate like scandal today would

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