The Watergate Scandal Essay

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The Watergate Scandal Sex, drugs, money, power, you name it and there is a scandal for it, but look back and you will see that from all the scandals there have been, Watergate was among the worst. The Watergate scandal had everything. From Nixon disgracing the presidency by lying to the country and abusing his power, to his committees being involved in illegal acts and a big cover up. All leading to little side roads of corruption and lies. Watergate is by far one of the worst presidential scandals in the history of the United States. In the story of Watergate, five burglars…show more content…
He was also deeply involved with the cover up and still lied about his involvement. During the times of the unraveling of Watergate, questions were asked about connections with the White House and the president, but when the president was asked about it at a press conference he assured Americans that "The White House has no involvement whatever in this particular incident." He was lying to the country like it was part of his job (Dorman 158). The lying did not end there, it went on and on for months, and as the scandal kept unraveling, "President Nixon and White House, and creep officials were deliberately misleading the public about the significance of the Watergate affair" (158). As Watergate was becoming a front-page article in the newspapers, new evidence was being uncovered. One piece of evidence that changed the peoples ideas of our president was the tapping of every conversation in the oval office "since about the 18th month of president Nixon's term" (Kutler 368). Those tapes would soon prove that the president was deeply involved in the scandal. During the trials, "the Nixon administration claimed that the March 21st, 1973 meeting was

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