Essay on The Waterhouse Report

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David Bonelle The Waterhouse report 2000 "Lost in Care" 1) Summary of content and the Governments response The Waterhouse Report and recommendations "Lost in care" was the result of the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal of enquiry" This report looked into abuse within children's homes in North Wales between 1974 and 1976 The enquiry was conducted by Sir Ronald Waterhouse. The reports of abuse were made by children living in the Children's homes of North Wales. One of the Managers Named Alison heard the reports from the children themselves. The reports were taken to her superiors who did nothing about it. Further to that Alison took her reports to the police, the social services denied any further investigations. The council denied to…show more content…
The ignorance of the people involved has now been exposed and the chances of something like this happening again is much slimmer because people specifically staff are made fully aware of the regulations in place. As it states in the report 12 of the 650 abused children committed suicide, this figure emphasis the massive effect this abuse had on the children. The children involved in the abuse may be affected in the following ways: They may suffer from a lack of self worth and self confidence Find it difficult to make and maintain relationships Poor level of education Greater signs of challenging behavior Significantly the children may become abusers themselves as they may not understand the difference from right and wrong subject to their abuse May turn to drugs alcohol or crime as a means to escape or a coping mechanism 3) Current Legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures regarding safeguarding There is a collective group of legislations regarding the Safeguarding and the welfare of children and they have to be upheld by company policies and in most circumstances law in order to protect children with our care. Safeguarding is the broad definition of preventing risk and harm to young people. The term Safeguarding covers all of the children's acts that concern the welfare and safety of children and young people of whom are at risk of harm and
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