The Wave And Fahrenheit 451

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Power can be a hazardous undertaking. The Wave and Fahrenheit 451 are both books that also shows that when you give one person the authority over everyone and everyone else is seen as equal, then no one will have their own thoughts. Fahrenheit 451 also shows just how dangerous power can be. The two books may seem improbable of ever happening in today’s world but, they might be closer than you thought. The instability of social dominance is abundantly clear in both these books. The Wave clearly shows how dangerous power really can be. “The Wave” is a group started by Mr. Ross, a high school history teacher, when his class didn’t understand how people could allow the Nazis to get so much control and power while they were doing horrible things to people. He started ‘The Wave’ as an experiment in his classroom. Eventually, the experiment took over the whole school. Throughout the book we see Mr. Ross lose sight of what his original goals were. He became a megalomaniac, he noticed that the more authoritative he became the more control the students gave him. The power he got from his students took control of his mind. Mr. Ross told the students that through “The Wave” nobody would be seen as less than anyone else; that everyone would be seen as equal. There motto was Strength through Discipline, Strength through Community. Everyone in “The Wave” was seen as equal (except Mr. Ross), however; this meant that no one thought for themselves. All of students did their homework and
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