The Wave Of Streaming Media

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Tidal: The New Wave in Streaming Media
As technological advances continue, FM/AM radio becomes more and more obsolete. While it 's true the for the time being, terrestrial radio isn 't in any clear danger of being replaced, the growing popularity of streaming sites may send radio along the way of the 8-track. One of the newest and most popular streaming platforms is Tidal. Sporting unprecedented artist ownership and blockbuster exclusive material, Tidal surged into the fray in 2015 with genuine lossless quality; its 1.4Mbps is more CD quality than mp3.
When Jay-Z bought Tidal 's parent company Aspiro in 2015, the music industry was turned on its ear. Owned by artists such as the aforementioned Jay-Z, Beyonce, Madonna and a plethora of others, Tidal offers high fidelity, lossless music quality and exclusive content for its subscribers. Being owned by the artists themselves, Tidal claims to pay the highest percentage of royalties to musical artists and songwriters in the music streaming market. Tidal also has distribution deals with many record labels, including the big three: Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group. The Tidal library consists of 30 million tracks, mirroring the library sizes of Apple and Spotify, although it is understood that certain tracks can only be found on Tidal. To mark the new launch, many musical artists took to social media, changing their profile pictures blue and using hashtags like "#TIDALForAll" on Facebook,
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