The Wave Of The Civil War Essay

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1. Research background: The waves of refugee from Syria to Europe begun after the outbreak Civil War in Syria. On March of 2011, protests appeared in the southern city of Deraa after police arrested and tortured some teenagers who illegally painted revolutionary slogans on a school wall. But the peaceful protests rapidly grew into rebel fighting against the government after the government 's violent crackdown. In July, 2011, a group of defected Syrian officers founded the Free Syrian Army to gather Syrian civilians as opposition. Tension between extremist groups, and ethnic groups made the domestic conflict even more complicated. The rampage rose up and descended the country situation into civil war as rebel groups were created to fight against the regime forces for taking over some areas.(Mercy Corps, 2015) Until February 2015, according to United Nations report, the total death toll has exceed 210,000, and about half of them are innocent people. (Suleiman, 2015) Moreover, the Syrian civil war had led to the displacement of more than 7.6 million Syrian people. In October, Russia started launching the airstrikes as an actions of erasing ISIS in Syria. However, the airstrike also made the refuge even worse and the distribution of aid more difficult. (Mercy Corps, 2015)

2. Research Statement: This research will investigate about the aftermath of 2011 Syrian civil war: The implication of European Union government attitudes (policies) toward Syrian refugee crisis in order to
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