The Way Back Then People With Disabilities

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Way back then people with disabilities weren 't able to have jobs or not even be able to be transportation. Where they had needed to go and they had fought through it and they got together with the government and now they have sidewalk for the people in wheel chairs and the people who are blind they have like service dogs. And like where they have the hospitals and under the door number the have like little dots for the blind can read it by touching the little dots. They people that do that for the deaf did a smart thing and helped them out because the people that are deaf wouldn 't be able to read anything if it weren 't for the dots and the people who had made the dots. People back then didn 't let people that were disabled do anything…show more content…
Was that people back then that where disabled they couldn 't do anything but now in days they can participate in so many things that people back then couldn 't do so now the colleges help the disabled kids with a college tuition or something like that to help them because they probably don 't have the money to get into it or didn 't have the money. Some people think that the disabled people can 't do anything but they 're wrong like what I read some man couldn 't walk and he would workout and everything and so he was about to graduate from college and they were walking the stage and he had wanted to walk the stage and they helped him and he did it he walked the stage without his wheelchair. That made this topic interesting because some people not all people only some thought the disabled people weren 't able to do anything and all the disabled people want to do is prove the, wrong and that 's good because the disabled people shouldn 't be treated differently then the people that is disabled. The are starting to recognize it. They have accommodation such as ramps and home health care, scooters, prosthetic legs and programs that help the blind read. Now they also have programs
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