The Way Eyesight And The Eye

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Sarah Slaughter November 17th, 2015 English III H Mrs. Kuyper “The way eyesight and the eye itself are inseparable, anger is closely tied to the ego. Your success of transforming anger and reaching higher states of awareness depends on one skill – the ability to recognize your mental patterns and calling out the egocentric behavior” (Tadas 2012). Things Fall Apart, written by Chinua Achebe depicts one man ultimately failing at proving himself worthy of bravery through struggle to find peace within himself, regarding various encounters of selfishness and neglecting his family. Though Okonkwo, the main character is a respected leader in the Umuofia tribe of the Ibo people, his life is dominated by anger and fear of becoming his father- a man known for laziness and lack of bravery. Things Fall Apart accurately portrays contrast between egocentrism and altruism through Okonkwo’s inability to fathom the significance of family; and unfortunately, emotional instability prevents Okonkwo and present-day African Americans from playing nurturing role in African American homes. In the pre and post-European imperial area of Umuofia and Mbanta Villages of Nigeria in 1900, Okonkwo is a widely known and well-respected, wealthy farmer who takes care of his family. He is mainly known for bringing honor to his village by defeating Amalinze the Cat, a great wrestler who was undefeated for the past 7 years from Umuofia to Mbaino. Because of this, Okonkwo’s fame, as well as his pride,

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