The Way Forward for Sainsbury

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The Way Forward for Sainsbury Sainsbury has had a long history of business success, something that it can continue for the foreseeable future if it maintains a cohesive business strategy, a strategy that is rooted in a larger cohesive corporate vision. This paper examines some of the key factors that the company must consider to be the foundation for a prosperous and profitable future. This analysis demonstrates that Sainsbury's executives understand that not only does the company have to plan and then put into effect good initiatives and good policies, but they have to sell the company's image as one that its customers want to share. Sainsbury's sells itself successfully by (also successfully) selling itself as a representative and purveyor of British values. The following analysis (including the scorecard at the end) provides an overall explanation and justification for the measures suggested that Sainsbury should take to achieve these indicators A content analysis of Sainsbury's annual reports as well as statements made by Chief Executive Justin King reveals what the company plans for its future in a way that is tacit, even coded. This should hardly be surprising: In nearly every act of human verbal or written communication there are nuances of meaning that go unsaid but that can nevertheless act as important signals between the parties and that can serve as equally as important as the explicit messages. These tacit meanings can occur at the highest seats of power,
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