The Way Leadership Is Defined And How It Is Practiced Within The Workplace

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Research Philosophy Paper (RPP) The way leadership is defined and how it is practiced within the workplace often determines the amount of impact it will have on enhancing an organization’s bottom line. This can be observed in certain organizations where supervisors who lack the ability to define and apply their type of leadership are unable to solve organizational problems. This lack of understanding has also contributed to an emphasis on the importance of leadership skills and their influence on organizational performance within both the academic and business communities. For that reason, three areas will be discussed within this paper that includes the following: 1) This writer’s “definition of leadership” and its corresponding “philosophy,” 2) its related “weaknesses and strengths,” and 3) its application to a former place of employment (WBU, 2016a). Engaging in this type of examination should enhance the knowledge of both the academic and business communities. This Writer’s “Definition of Leadership” and its Corresponding “Philosophy” Volckmann (2012) states that there is approximately “fourteen hundred definitions of leadership” (as cited in Kellerman, 2008; Kellerman, 2012; Volckmann, 2012, p. 1). Due to this high complexity of meanings, this writer will use a simple explanation to define leadership. However, a survey should first be conducted over three definitions of leadership given by others before proceeding forward. These three definitions advocated by
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