The Way Obama Felt

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The way Obama felt. This piece is about my experience, as a black woman, facing adversity in a volunteered leadership role for a class project. The subjects in this experience tie closely to that of political events surrounding Barack Obama’s post-presidency and arguably, for the beginning of it as well. Similarly, as Obama had hope in this country, I had hope in my peers in executing successfully a project specifically dealing with social change. They elected me, as this country elected its first black president, and this strengthened both our faith and hope each in the system and project. The same way Obama tried to empower a divided country politically frustrated with its increasing national issues, so did I for my team that appeared…show more content…
I was very direct and transparent with my teammates and even empowered those who opposed the project. Like all leaders, adversity is inevitable. I endured plenty of it for my ideas by the same teammate. Despite this, I still hung on because I believed in the vision that Professor X had of us as agents of social change. The same teammates who opposed the project in the beginning, tried to convince the class that they had stronger leadership capabilities than me, despite that previously they were openly against the project and Professor X syllabus. “I’m the Queen of Google doc,” she boasted. A few chuckles came from a student who was one of few who spoke to me outside the classroom. I recalled consoling her when she upset about the warning Professor X. Now, here she was supporting a competitor of mine. It hurt a little but I was reminded by my past to not fight for what is already given. Hence, leadership of the group was already bestowed to me. So, I reassured the group that as a leader, team effort would be my main concern. The next day, my competitor scattered the google doc with research. When I tried to organize it as it was part of my job description, she lashed out on me via messenger. Very respectfully, I tried to reassure her that I was simply organizing the document and welcomed her input. Intensely, dissatisfied, she erased her research. I understand group
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