The Way Of Seeing By John Berger

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On a clothes advertisement, well shaped and beautiful women came out to introduce new clothes. In hair, clothes, and other many advertisements, usually glamor and really good looking women are main models of the advertisements. Not only in advertisements, but also in many films and dramas, the main character is always a tall, thin and beautiful woman. This situation can be explained by John Berger’s book, “Way’s of seeing”. John Berger is an English art critic, novelist, and painter, and this book is about how people can see something critically and find deep meaning of things, especially art paintings. In chapter 2, there are only paintings and photos, and no words. However, pictures in this chapters show explanation about the phenomenon. According to chapter 2, women always consider themselves and other people’s eye and are treated as objectives as sexual ones. Women always consider other people’s eye and because of that, women make fake images. A photo on page 36 bottom, there is a probably female celebrity in a car, and many people stand outside of the car and watch her (way’s of seeing, 36). The celebrity looks elegant, stylish hair and expensive clothes and tote bag. People, who are outside of the car, seem jealous of her maybe because of her good looking appearance or her elegant aura. However, when looking the celebrity closer, she is sitting really uncomfortable. She sits with her leg crossed and straightens her back. When people feel comfortable, they might lose
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