The Way That Women Earned Respect And Value Was First Through The Great Awakening

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The way that women earned respect and value was first through the great awakening. Which emphasized faith and created later reforms such as the temperance, education, women rights, and abolition. All of these reforms put an emphasis on improving the moral compass of the nation. all of the issues were integrated with religion, since it was a religious movement. in the later 1820’s reforms created the Temperance movement, which was a reform against alcohol. Puritans believed that alcohol was completely wrong. In 1873 eight women marched to hissboro Ohio demanding the end of alcohol. The women created the Womens Christian Temperance Union and created the biggest political organization of american women America had ever seen. This showed how women began to voice their opinion. The public education movement was created by Horace Mann. public education is one of the most important things because without it they could not be significant in any political or religious matter. They wanted more money to be spent on public education since it was so vital to a kids childhood. By the 1850’s a lot of the southern states had established public education. Since most women were undervalued many of them were uneducated. And since they were always in the household it was their responsibility to educate the kids. This led to the Womens Rights Movement. This was a touchy matter since in order to put more money into the education program it would mean taxing their citizens or going in to debt.
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