The Way Western Media Reports Events

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The way Western media reports events going on in the world influences the attitude Westerners have towards those events. Whether or not the media portrays the entire story or the full truth, most Westerners do not question the reports. Currently, Western media incorrectly portrays the members of the terrorist group ISIS as pure Islamic followers because of their use of verses in the Quran to justify their extremist actions. However, ISIS has a vastly different interpretation of the Quran than other Muslims who follow pure Islamic faith. Western media contributes to the incorrect perception that the extreme beliefs of ISIS are the same as pure Islamic beliefs, creating Westerners to have prejudiced views against Muslims and Islam.
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Further within his article, Ayman Ibrahim stated, “To claim that all Muslims are terrorists is far from correct, but to deny or underestimate the significant power and influence of some Islamic texts and specific interpretations of them is not prudent, either” (Ibrahim). The way devout believers of the Islamic faith interpret the Quran is significantly different from the way the extremist members of ISIS do. Verse 2:257 in the Quran states “There shall be no compulsion in religion.” ISIS’s actions are a complete contradiction to the verse. The way ISIS interprets the Quran is an incorrect representation of Islam and the peaceful religion of Islam. Islam is a religion of peace and is not affiliated with the extremist actions of ISIS, contradicting the way Western media portrays the association between Islam and ISIS. The devout Muslims, who practice pure Islamic faith, are not affiliated with ISIS contradicting the reports from Western media. In the article Islam Is a Religion of Peace, the author, Manal Omar, talks about how Westerners have begun to label all Muslims as terrorists when that is not correct. “Those who claim Islam is an inherently violent religion ignore the overwhelming majority of adherents to the faith- there are more than 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide- who live peacefully” (Omar). In today’s society, Westerners generalize all Muslims to be affiliated with ISIS because that is the way media is portraying Muslims. Since media portrays Muslims
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