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Way of the Peaceful Warrior For my book project I read the book Way of the Peaceful Warrior, by Dan Millman. Set in Berkeley California, Dan Millman a college student struggles to find the part of himself that has always been missing. One night while out walking from his dorm, Dan comes across a gas station and a strange man that is soon to turn his life upside down. This man, known as Socrates, shows Dan a side of existence that only few people had ever seen. To become a warrior like Socrates and have the mind to not allow the regular struggles of life to control a single part of you. Socrates takes Dan in and tries to create a warrior from a young star athlete with the ignorance of every other human on this earth. Through his…show more content…
This way of separating these two simple words allows one to think about what the book is saying, and to figure out if there is truth to what the book says. The difference between the mind and brain is not something most think about in their regular lives. But as I read each word I found truth to what Socrates was saying. You read this book and try to realize the hidden messages being put across. The message between the mind and brain is to not let your brain be attacked by random useless thoughts. In other words, to not let your, `mind', get in the way of your brain. People think millions of useless thoughts each day. Without these thoughts a persons brain would be clear and their emotions would be easier to control. Dan tries to explain to Socrates that he will control his mind and change himself in the process. The main character is a young man who has been set to see the world the way most have. He is ignorant when it comes to seeing the other side of the picture. Readers can relate to him because they share a lot of the same qualities and ignorance. After reading this book I looked at class notes which might represent this book and I found a relation between almost all the concepts and people. The first being Ludwig and his interpretation on language. When Ludwig talks about language and how it limits our mind and keeps us from looking outside the box is a prime example of how

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