The Way of the Wind by Amos Oz Essay

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The Way of the Wind by Amos Oz, is about a man named Shimshon Sheinbaum, and his view of his son, Gideon. Shimshon was a military, political, and social hero amongst his kibbutz. He is a founding father of the Hebrew Labor Movement. People in his kibbutz looked for him for guidance, because this man was in top physical and mental shape devoting all of his life to learning as much as necessary and the remainder to stay in peak shape. As one can imagine, he would expect the same of his son, and he does but his son isn't the same man as his father. His father didn't have someone else make a decision like that for him and he can't make that decision for Gideon. Shimshon, regardless how much he cared for his son, pushed him too far and had too…show more content…
Shimshon, who→ was elated that→ his son chose to be a paratrooper, and was a military hero, pulled some strings and allowed Gideon to enter without his mother's permission. Gideon was not the confident type so it was a shock to everyone that→ he did something as daring as jump out of an airplane, but this transformed Gideon, he became confident and in peak physical shape. Gideon was adored by his kibbutz and one day the paratrooper's did a presentation for the community, Gideon was the last man to jump and the whole kibbutz was aching to watch him in action. Little kids screamed "Gideon! Gideon!" when he jumped the wind took control and he was pushed into electrical wires. Dangling 30 feet above the air with kids yelling at him and his dad trying to make him come down so he wouldn't get embarrassed Gideon died, his little brother, Azariah climbed the pole and was in his brothers face, mocking him as Gideon died. Shimshon was embarrassed, and disappointed when Gideon died. He hoped that→ Gideon would give him many grandchildren. Now at 75 and his only alive son Azariah who→ was an 8 year old inconvenience, Sheinbaum might never live to see his grandchildren. If Shimshon never pushed Gideon too far and expected so much of him, Gideon would serve his mandatory two-years in the military, probably training the entire time and afterwards he would have enjoyed the rest of his life. However, since Gideon had something to prove to his father he
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