The Way the Media Influence Our Lives

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Are we influenced by the media, if yes how much? Sociologist and Psychologist contemplate that question often. The media has been accused of causing violent behavior, negative racial stereotyping and negative body perceptions mostly among young girls. No one can deny that the media has an effect on society, but is the media just giving society what he or she wants? Has the media taken away our ability to think for ourselves critically? We are constantly feed information from the newspapers, television news and weekly news magazines most of us believing without question because we believe the source credible. "In 1989 while jogging in central park a women was brutally attacked raped and beaten." I remember the incident well…show more content…
Society trust in what is being said to them by the familiar face on the 5 O'clock and the 11 O'clock news. When we read of a violent crime in the newspapers while on our way to work. When we hear of a violent crime being reported to us while setting in front of our television set. We want to believe the suspect being held is guilty without contemplating all the facts. Society should then ask is the media just giving us what we want. Some 98% of U.S. households have at least one television set (Meyrowitz, 1995) and the TV is on for over seven hours each day in the average U.S. household (Harless, 1990). The dominant American leisure activity is watching TV (Schwartz.1990). Knowing these facts the question is does the media just give the public what they think we want? Are we the public being unfair blaming the media for violence in our society? On April 20th, 1999 in Littleton, Colorado the school day was interrupted by blasts of gunfire when two young men began shooting at fellow students. They were armed with automatic-weapons and explosive. When it was all over they had claim as many as 25 lives, including their own. They left at least 20 people injured student and teacher included. The week before the Columbine shooting only three news shows were ranked in the top 20 slots of the Nielsen ratings. During the week of the incident, five news shows were ranked in the top 10 and another four in the top 20. When the shooting ceased and people
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