The Wayfarer, A Technical Revolution

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The wayfarer, a technical revolution, design classic and resemblance of the American culture *miss ander woord?* You can explain the reason of this by looking at the cultural, technical en visual aspects throughout the history of the wayfarer.

Before ... into the wayfarer, it is good to have some understanding of the history of the brand.
Ray-ban a 77 year old eye-wear brand who is responsible for some of the most iconic eye-wear design ever. It is currently owned by the Italian Luxottica group before it was under the wings of Bausch & Lomb.

It all started in 1920 when pilot Shorty Schroeder broke the hight-record. This flight gave him a permanent eye injury. His friend, who helped him out of the cockpit approached Bausch and lomb to create a pair of sunglasses which protect the eyes but leaves the sight intact. The result of this was the first prototype called the anti-clare. A year later the name changed to one of the two most famous designs: The aviator. Which was ... adopted by the United States Army Air Corps. (The cultural influence of ray-ban, 2014) To the succes of the Aviator Bausch and Lomb introduced it commercially in 1936, a year later the lens name was changed to ray-ban. This is where ray-ban was born, and the name is referring to the purpose of the sunglasses: A sunglass which bans sun-rays. (..........) as you can see, slowly the change was made from militair functionality to a life-style brand as it is known for today. The first remarkable example of the

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