The Wayfinder : Why Ancient Wisdom Matters In The Modern

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The Wayfinder : Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in the Modern World talks about the ongoing conflict with the subject of environmental change. As humans we all believe what our society and culture does and we a certain mindset about the way that we should be living. The author Wade Davis, has given a suggestion on the way the ongoing problem should be handled. Davis says that our society should turn to other society’s and cultures that have had success working with the environment and taking very good care of the environment that surrounds them. He also bring up the question of how we should live a good life. In the book, Davis, uses examples and knowledge from his own experiences and other cultures knowledge to help environments all around the…show more content…
Effectively, unless something changes, they will disappear within our lifetime,” (Davis 3). This is important because once the culture dies there is no way to learn anything new from them. Also it seems crazy to think about that over half of these cultures will not exist in the future years. Davis explains in the book that over the net few generations we will be losing half of humanities cultural traditions and languages.
“What could be more lonely than to be enveloped in silence, to be the last of your people to speak your native tongue, to have no way to pass one the wisdom of your ancestors or anticipate the promise of your descendants.” (Davis 3) This is an important quote because it shows an illustration of what it would be like to be the last to speak a language and carry on the traditions. It also shows how lonely one would be being the only person to speak the language, no one would be able to communicate with them very well. “A language, of course, is not merely a set of grammatical rules or a vocabulary. It is a lash of the human spirit, the vehicle by which the soul of each particular culture comes into the material world. Every language is an old growth forest of the mind, a watershed of thought, an ecosystem of spiritual possibilities,” (Davis 3). This quote means that language is not just the words that a spoken from one to another, it is a way of communication t help one another out. Language is passed down from generation
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