The Ways And Means Approved The Marihuana Tax Act

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The Ways and Means approved the Marihuana Tax Act despite the pushback from the American Medical Association. The importance of that approval from the Ways and Means Committee can’t be understated because many Congressmen blindly accepted their recommendations. Otherwise, they were completely unfamiliar with marijuana. The bill came up for vote in the House at the end of a Friday session with many House members having already left for the weekend. Rep. Snell from New York requested that the vote take place at another time. “I don’t know anything about the bill. It may be all right and it may be that everyone is for it, but as a general principle, I am against bringing up any important legislation, and I suppose this is important, since it comes from the Ways and Means Committee, at this late hour.” This exchange followed:

Rep. Rayburn: Mr. Speaker, if the gentleman will yield, I may say that the gentleman from North Carolina has stated to me that this bill has a unanimous report from the committee and that there is no controversy about it.
Rep. Snell: What is the bill?
Rep. Rayburn: It has something to do with something that is called marihuana. I believe it is a narcotic of some kind.
Rep. Vinson (of the Ways and Means Committee): Marihuana is the same as hashish.
Rep. Snell: Mr. Speaker, I am not going to object but I think it is wrong to consider legislation of this character at this time of night.

Very little debate followed and the bill passed easily. The only…

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