The Ways Of A Healthier Country

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The Key to a Healthier Country Sin taxes are defined as an excise tax placed on any good or behavior deemed to be detrimental to individuals and society. These include taxes on tobacco, alcohol, gambling, lotteries, prostitution, and pornography. Recently this list has been expanded to include unhealthy foods, beverages and legalized drug use. The author of "Resolution: Sin Taxes are Just," Scott Pettit states that, In the United States, they were first introduced during the Civil War, not as a way to deter sinful behavior but as a way to raise revenue for the war effort. This strategy was used raise additional revenue in subsequent wars, always being repealed after the war had ended. This changed after World War II, when the Federal Government, in addition to individual states, saw sin taxes as a great way to raise revenue. The public message was changed from temporary taxes to sin deterrence. Many governments around the world have used this strategy (1). Also, according to World Health Rankings, Russia is in the leading five countries for smoking. They are also in the top five leading countries in strokes and heart attacks. Which leads Parks !1 us to believe there is a connection between smoking and health concerns. Although sin tax can trigger hoarding and increase the black market smuggling rate. It also increases social welfare, promotes healthier lifestyles, lessens smoking cases and can reduce the national deficit. The Heartland Institute explains that, Tobacco taxes

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