The Ways Of Groups Influence Individuals

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A.) Group dynamics/ Pg. 158: The ways in which individuals affect groups and the ways in which groups influence individuals Most of the ways that groups influence us lie below our sense of awareness. The definition is the interactions that influence that attitudes and behaviors of people when they are grouped with others through either choice or accidental circumstances. Mara Salvatrucha also known as MS-13 originated in Los Angeles California. Salvadoran immigrants formed MS-13 to protect themselves from other established gangs of Los Angeles, who were predominantly composed of Mexicans and African-Americans. I thought that it was really interesting how the gang members were recruiting new members at such a young age. They were targeting kids who came from a troublesome home life, broken homes, or parents who were addicted to drugs. In some way or another the gang family was filling a void for these young children that their home life had created. The new members became completely loyal to MS-13 because their gang family was now the family that they had never had. Now that the MS-13 group had control over the new members, they could get them to commit any number of crimes including murder just for the MS-13 cause. B.) Social network/ Pg. 156: The social ties radiating outward from the self that link people together Although we live in a huge and diverse society, we don’t experience social life as a sea of nameless, strange faces. In a social
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