The Ways Of Human Life

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Life can be expressed in many different ways. It can be be expressed through song or word. But life in general is all expressed by human beings the same way; by living, people express who they are and what they stand for. People express their lives day by day without even knowing. People are all born, people all live, and people all die. But the things in between are what make life yours. This is how people live; this is how people exist. Thornton Wilder expresses the ways of human life and existence in Our Town, and these perspectives can be linked into other poems, songs, or movies. In “Lucinda Matlock,” Masters says this line that seems to tie into the ways of human life: “And then I found David.” Life is just happening and along the way, you can meet people who change your life completely. They can steal your heart and change your life and you as a person. It is very crazy of how one single person can just come in and change your life like that, but it happens all the time. It can happen anytime, anywhere. This can relate this back to “Our Town” by the scene where George and Emily are in the ice cream parlor. They had been neighbors forever but had never seen each other in any other way. But in that day, they went from just friends to being in love. After that, their lives were entirely different. “I’m just an ordinary person. And that’s OK.” This is a quote from “Hope Floats.” This means that you have to love and accept yourself to be able to live life to the
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