The Ways Of Motivating Employees

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Motivation is an important aspect of all organizations today if they are to be competitive it helps in the formulating and implementing strategies of the organization and the employee has become a very important person to any organization and have now come to be assets to the company as they help to increase productivity. In order for a company to ensure that its employees are effective they must find means and ways to motivate them and push them to perform better, attract individuals when recruiting and to retain them motivating the employee will give them a sense of satisfaction the feeling that they mean something to the company.
When employees work hard and they are recognized for their hard work by being given a form of incentive it motivates them to do more. The ways of motivating employees may sometimes clash with the objective the organization. Empowering the employee and managers recognizing their effort does wonderful things on motivating the employee, being able to get the employees to perform well in the most difficult conditions can be very challenging for any manager but motivation seems to be the key that unlocks the perception of employees.
The purpose of the essay is to identify how an organization can benefit from including motivation in its organizational culture and structure, the importance of having a motivated team or workforce, how the organizations will be able to integrate motivation in their reward strategies and together with…
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