The Ways Oppressions Are Carried Out

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It has been a repetitive and shameful practice of the United States, and other countries, to shy away from or oppress those who are different. This form of inequality is shared with immigrants, African Americans, the physically ill, and the mentally ill. In particular, the discrimination against the mentally ill becomes an interesting and unique history that has evolved due to Western medicine, and now effects the whole world. In many instances, it has become apparent that the symptoms and stigma surrounding the mentally ill stems from Western ideals as well. This paper explores this stigma, the ways oppressions are carried out, and how they are being dealt with. When society is confronted with those who suffer from a mental illness,…show more content…
With this new understanding, the question again is raised as to how equality is achieved and how the stigma is stopped. In order to delve deeper into the question, it becomes necessary to examine how mental illnesses perceptions came about. It is no secret that Western medicine and ideals have seeped their way into countries all around the globe. The Diagnostics and Statistic’s Manual (DSM) is a Western medicine book outlining all the “real” mental illnesses and disorders and how to treat them. Now the book only takes into account illnesses that have become prevalent in Western society, and discredits those from other countries (Watters 2010). Before the DSM was distributed worldwide, many countries did not experience the same illnesses of the mind that the West did. In many countries, mental illness was viewed as a spiritual plague that one was suffering from and therefore was not treated as a crazy person. In order to cure this spiritual problem, the family and friends of the sick would surround them with food, music, and dance in order to ease their spiritual woes (Watters 2010). These very different and “indigenous” illnesses were likely to develop along different paths if left uninterrupted by the DSM. The problem this manual created is that all over the world instances of diseases that were completely Western popped up where they once never existed. The symptoms of anorexia, for example, never included a phobia of becoming fat
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