The Ways the British Government Tried to Hide the Effects of the Blitz from the British People

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The Ways the British Government Tried to Hide the Effects of the Blitz from the British People

The government wanted to hide the effects of the blitz for many reasons. By doing this they were protecting the public as well as continuing the battle against the Germans. As the effects were hidden normal life could continue and therefore so could the war effort and morale of the public.

Many methods were used in doing this. The government used radio, newspapers, press, posters, film reels and the cinema to give information to the public, while still able to hold back any information seen to be damaging to the British war effort and morale through censorship, propaganda and distraction the government
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Slogans such as "Britain can take it" were used to show the country as surviving in spite of the ongoing attacks as "bombs can only kill people, they cannot destroy the indomitable spirit of a nation."

The government also tried to exaggerate victories. For example, on 15th September 1940, after a massive daylight air raid on London, the BBC announced that, according to official figures, 180 German planes had been shot down. In truth, the number was about sixty. Propaganda was also used to ridicule and counter that of Germany, in the ongoing struggle for control between the two countries. E.g. the Ministry of Information

Censorship was used greatly by the government to hide the effects of the Blitz from the public. To disguise the real effects of the bombing on people newspapers only published positive stories and images and photographs of large casualties were not published. In Oct 1940 Balham underground station was hit by a bomb which burst a water main and 64 people drowned. But photos of this were never published and the story was not released. Censorship was used for the prevention of hysteria and panic. The bombing of Balham Station would have caused panic as many underground stations were used as shelters. Many papers were condensed to only 4 pages due to censorship

Censorship was also used as damage
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