The Wealth Of Waste : The Economics Waste Water

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Book review The wealth of waste: The economics of waste water use in agriculture. Winpenny. J, Heinz. I, & Koo-oshima. S. Rome, Italy: Food and Agriculture organisation of the United Nations, 2010. 129 pages. Water is one of the valuable resources on earth. Due to extensive usage and diminishing resources , we are facing severe water scarcity. It is estimated that only 9000- 14,000 km3 of fresh water is available for use of humans per year (FAOWATER, 2008). This scarcity in turn has a huge impact on social, environmental, political, economic and tourism sectors. So the authors has come up with an idea of reclaimed water recycling and the economic justification of the process. The main purpose of the book is to provide a solution to the increasing water demands and the impending water scarcity by considering waste water management as an option. This book also explains an economic framework for the evaluation of the use of waste water in agriculture, as part of a radical planning process in water resource designing strategies to provide for a more economically efficient and renewable water utilization (Winpenny, Heinz, & Koo-oshima, 2010). This is a great book with simple literature, jargon free and reader friendly. The authors has not only stressed on the problems of water demand but also the ideal solutions with related examples and possible hindrances. The execution and outline of the book was impressive, with the first chapters
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