The Weapons Created and Used During the Medieval Times

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Different nations were constantly at war with each other.

These wars would sometimes last decades without stopping. With all this violence came

more violent weapons that weren’t always designed to kill, but sometimes just to strike

fear into the enemy. Sometimes armies would catapult dead bodies over the opposing

enemy walls. This had another effect as well. Those bodies were usually filled with

diseases. Diseases were one of the most deadly and unethical weaopons used during the

“dark ages”. Armies would place dead bodies upstream so that their enemies water

supply filled with deadly dieseases that had the potential to wipe out their entire

population. Wars often ended without the opposing army even having to attack because

the enemies castle was filled with disease. Militaries became more brutal as the wars

went on but they began to get more creative with their weapons.

When a castle is being attacked during the medevial times there were only two

ways to penetrate the walls, either over or straight threw. Milataries would construct

massive latters to scale the enemy wall, but they soon began to realize that this method

was very easy to defend against. Enemies cold easy push the later away. Even if they

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