The Weasel - Original Writing

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“I BURSTED INTO FLAAMMESSS!!!” the squirrel cried out. “I could feel the flames burning me, searing off my fur and flesh. I... I could smell myself cooking. I could feel myself DYING. And then, I was gone.” “Ow-www,” was the collective sound the jurors made as they stared at Timothy scornfully. “No more questions your honor,” the deer said, and then he walked back over to his side of the clearing, sat down, and began grooming his genitals with his tongue. “Your witness, Mr. Weasel,” said the frog judge. “Don 't worry kid, I got this,” the weasel replied, looking up at Timothy and then giving him a wink. Timothy just put his hands over his face praying this would all go away. The weasel lawyer stood up and then…show more content…
“This is the court of the forest, not the Peoples Court. I 'm Judge Hopner, not Judge Whopner,” he chuckled. “Well, see you around kid,” Timothy 's weasel lawyer said to him before beginning to slink off. “What?” Timothy cried out, his mouth agape. “Where the hell are you going?” “Awe, the jury should be coming back in a minute or two, pretty cut and dry case. Besides, I don 't like sticking around to see myself lose a case. It makes me feel like an imbecile.” Just then the jury came through the shrubs and re-took their seats in the clearing. “Have you reached a verdict?” asked the frog judge. “Yes, your honor,” the gopher said working as the head of the jury. “AND?” asked the judge. “We the jury find Timothy Barren GUILTY on all charges of crimes against Mother Nature.” “NO!” Timothy cried out. “Tough break, kid,” Timothy 's weasel lawyer said being flippant. “Well, see ya.” “Well, then with the power invested in me by the court of the forest, I hear by sentence you, Timothy Barren, to death for crimes against Mother Nature,” the frog judge ordered before he slammed his gable down on the rock he’d been perched upon, the sound echoing throughout the entire forest. “NO... NO, NO, NO, NO, Noooooo!!!” Timothy cried. “You can 't do this! I 'm sorry... I 'm sorry... I 'll never hurt another animal again. I 'll become a

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