The Web Application Requires Security

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The web application requires security in order to protect customer data, as part of the application requires the customer to input their name and phone number. Also in order to prohibit unauthorised access and it prevents service interruptions, so Training4U can always provide a good service. Securing the application ensures that only administrators can access the admin pages, and instructors and customers can access their pages through the internet. In order to do this for the administrators a login form would be created for the admin page so that they are the only people who can access them. Also the customer’s data needs to be protected both while it is being transmitted to the server using secure socket layers and to secure the web app which therefore protects customer data, a security realm has to be set up in the application server.

to prevent unauthorized access that implement a login form for the admin page and only administrators can access this page then.protects customer’s data as the instructor and customer pages do not include information about customers or instructors. The procedure for this is the administrator sends a request to the server to access an authorized resource, which then the server then notices and this sends the login page to the administrator. Using the provided form the administrator inputs username and password if this is registered then they are authorized to view the protected resource.

would be to implement secure socket
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