The Web Based Blossom Boutique

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The Web based Blossom Boutique is an online store. The Specialty about this is, it is a collection of various varieties of flowers. This project have various features such as 1. In my website there is lot of description of flowers and their availability information. 2. You can search various flowers depending upon your interest. 3. You can keep track of transaction you have made with this website. 4. My website can monitor both information and transactions. 5. We can manage flower suppliers to the company. 6. Administrator can update list of the flowers. 7. For accepting and validating credit card details it provides the Credit Card interface. 2. Introduction 2.1 Existing System The Existing system consists of following. • The…show more content…
• You can get any seasonal flowers at any season with the help of our green revolution park. • Others don’t provide this type of facility. 3. System Analysis 3.1 Purpose of the project After analyzing the prerequisites of the task to be performed, the next step is to analyze the issue and understand its context. The first activity in the stage is examining the existing system and other is to comprehend the prerequisites and area of the new system. Both the exercises are equally important, but the first activity serves as a premise of giving the useful specifications and then successful design of the proposed system. Understanding the properties and necessities of another system is more difficult and requires creative thinking and comprehension of existing running system is likewise troublesome, improper understanding of present system can lead redirection from arrangement. 3.2 Analysis Model SDLC Methodologies This document play a vital role in the development of life cycle (SDLC) as it describes the complete necessity of the system. It means for utilization by developers and will be the essential during testing stage. Any progressions made to the prerequisites in the future will have to go through formal change approval process. 3.3 Study of the System In the flexibility of the uses the interface has been produced an outlines thought as a representation idea at the top of the priority list, related through a program
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