The Web Based Professional Development Session

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Welcome to the web-based professional development session, “First Day Reflections.”

Before we proceed, print the Quality Teaching Faculty Implementation Form for use at the end. During this session, you will be asked to reflect on questions. When a question is posed, click the pause button below the arrow icon on the slide to reflect, then click play to resume the session.
At the end of this session, click on the Quiz link below the video to take a short quiz to check for understanding. Please take the quiz so your completion of this session will be recorded.

The objectives for this session are to explore characteristics of adult learners and how to support your students in the classroom; discover how to navigate your first day of class; understand how to maintain momentum and motivation of your students and learn the how and why of being a reflective practitioner.

In “The Basics: Computer Resources and Syllabus Creation at Baker College” we discussed some of the demographics of our students, the fact that we are a “Right-to-Try” institution, and some of the day-to-day challenges many of our students face. Because they have been away from a formal classroom for an extended time or it is their first collegiate experience, adult learners may experience anxiety as they pursue a certificate or degree in higher education. Since the average adult learner at Baker College is 30 years old, it is understandable. It is important to remember that the learner’s adult sophistication

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