The Web in Art Education Essay

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In the last several years, a number of new technologies associated with the World Wide Web emerged. The term Web 2.0 is widely used to refer to these technologies that reflect substantial changes in the traditional model of how content for the Web is created and consumed (O'Reilly, 2005). What differentiates these technologies from previous aspects of the Web is the social interaction that is involved, the ability of users to create and disseminate content, the ability of the users to rate and "tag" content, and the free availability to anyone with Internet access (Freedman, 2006). Names of some specific technologies associated with Web 2.0 include flickr™, MySpace©, facebook©, Blogger™, Wikipedia, podcasts,, and YouTube™,…show more content…
Though many people had access to putting information on the Internet for at least the last decade, this process often involved significant expense and time to not only purchase, but then also to learn different software packages. With the technologies of Web 2.0, it is now relatively inexpensive and simple for anyone with Internet access to create and disseminate their ideas through various forms on the Web. The emergence of technologies associated with Web 2.0 represents a significant change in the ease of creating content for the Web and in the type of content available on the Web. Many of the applications necessary to create content are freely available to anyone with Internet access (Bull & Ferster, 2005; O'Reilly, 2005). Instead of most content being created by experts, there is a significant increase in content created, edited, re-created, combined, appropriated, etc. by millions of authors (Lee & Berry, 2006). Additionally, because of the ease of these tools, content on the Web can be updated quickly and simply. For instance, a person can easily update his or her MySpace© or flickr™ page with new text, images, or video on a daily basis. We know that the creation of content is no
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