The Wedding Case

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The Campus Wedding Case

In order to develop a network diagram for the wedding plans it was compulsory to develop a table with the list of activities and their precedence relationships. After reading and analysing the case, a total number of 20 activities were found, the activities ranged from the church reservation to the actual wedding. After designating a letter to each activity an immediate precedence was needed for each. The first activity is ‘prepare wedding,' this is basically a hub for the activities which do not have a direct precedence; this is basically commitment to preparing the wedding. Items such as the church reservation, the maid of honour, cake and table decorations, the pattern of the dress, the style of the
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The total crash cost would be &185. Adding both paths together to meet the set target would cost $360 total. This would be the minimum-cost plan.

With these 5 scenarios we would need to determine if and which ones would have an effect on the wedding plans.
I – The first incident it would still meet the date even with the changes, due to the fact that is within the time frame, it takes a total of 21 days.
II – The second scenario, where the maid of honour claims she has several commitments and can not leave Guatemala early, is still safe for if she arrives as promised, after 10 days it would only account for 12 days in total; as she is not required for anything else but the rehearsal.
III – The third scenario we would need to add another 4 days to the guest list (N), due to the fact that Mary's mother falls in. In this case we have exceeded the time. The best solution to this problem would be is for Mary to take her father up on the offer of taking $1500 and eloping with Larry.

IV – In regards to this scenario, if she were to receive the dress on the 8th and only receive a notice on the 10th it would put them behind 2 days, the wedding would not be able to take place without the wedding dress; due to the fact that the wedding relies on the dress. She would either need to buy a new dress or simply postpone the wedding.
V -

Finally with the fifth scenario, a small fire at the caterers shop broke out, therefore it was
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