The Wedding Of Marvin And Emily

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There are many traditions that go into an American wedding. My family had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Marvin and Emily Murphy in October of this year. The bride Emily and my family have known each other for the past four years, we attend church together. In the American culture one of the most important traditions among women is the engagement. Most women are very interested in the love story behind the couple and how romantic the event is. Emily met her groom through a mutual friend. Marvin and Emily hit it off immediately. They started dating and did so for about three years prior to him asking her to marry him. In March of 2014, Marvin took Emily to her favorite place in the country and got down on one knee and…show more content…
Emily had decided to participate in many traditional wedding traditions that take time to plan. The length of time chosen was to plan, save money and purchase items for the reception over a long period of time. One tradition in American weddings is that generally the bride 's family pays for the wedding and reception. This wedding was no exception. The bride 's family did pay for most of the wedding; however, there were a few things the groom and his family insisted on having at the reception so his family paid for these items. One of the biggest traditions of a wedding is the bride picking out the wedding dress. Emily was very particular in what kind of wedding dress she wanted. Her mother had a different idea on how Emily should look on her wedding day. For a few months they disagreed on this point. About six months prior to the wedding Emily found the dress of her dreams and her mother agreed it was the one! I remember when I went to pick out my own dress for my wedding I decided to go alone. My mother certainly had her own opinions about what type of dress I should wear, but I had decided I wanted to choose the dress I loved and not hear others opinions. When my friends and family found out that I had picked out and purchased my dress without them they were hurt. This tradition was a deeper connection between people than I had originally thought. The next step this couple needed to take was to find where their
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